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Minstrels in Neamt Citadel

Medieval festival atmosphere has no counterpart in anything else in the world. Belonging to a present which includes with all the necessary quotes, as can it be in terms of scenography and organizational, historical periods long gone, is a prerequisite for participants in such events, artists and spectators. The events of this kind in Romania […]

MedievArt Fest

MedievArt brand is synonymous with the reenactment movement in Romania, but also with good humor, positive thinking and the joy to share with other people common values. Diverse through their artistic activities, the participants in such events complement and stimulate each other, all in the idea of ​​providing the public (His Highness, the public), all […]

Targu Neamţ in Nomen Est Omen’s Photo Album

One of the Nomen Est Omen work in progress projects  involves setting up a photo album with one (single) picture from every festival ever attended. On the anniversary of the 25th year of existence, 2020, we wish to edit it in the form of a photographic catalog. The images will be accompanied exclusively by information […]

Rhythm, Harmony, Melody

Nomen Est Omen performed in 90% of cases as a quintet or quartet. Several times, the band went on the viable idea of a trio. If in live appearances, a fourth man is also extremely important,musically, but especially as a visual signal, when recording, three musicians who do their job are exactly what you need. […]

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