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Rhythm, Harmony, Melody

Nomen Est Omen performed in 90% of cases as a quintet or quartet. Several times, the band went on the viable idea of a trio. If in live appearances, a fourth man is also extremely important,musically, but especially as a visual signal, when recording, three musicians who do their job are exactly what you need. […]

The Police Are On Our Side

For medieval festivals the police support is needed, not that there is imminent danger regarding violations of the law, but because where many people gather security and protection services, medical or fire must be ready to react immediatly. Their involvement in public projects is otherwise mandatory. This may also have cultural connotations, because those concerned […]

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Medieval festivals bring together beautiful people, not meaning that the mentioned type of artistic expression would have a monopoly in the field. Nobody has ever done statistics, anthropological studies or contests worthy of being taken into account, so that the signer assumes the assertion that every girl dressed in a historical costume is the most […]

Turn of the Wind Instruments

The traditional wind instruments gave way, over time, to improved variants oin terms of maneuverability and precision. The price of these benefits, however, was the relative loss of nuances and charm. Spanish bagpipes, gaita and punter or the Scottish Chanter, perfected by master luthiers of the XXIst century, sounds incredibly in tune. The same can […]

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