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Historical Reenactment & Living History in Romania

Historical reenactments, especially those related to everyday life and atmosphere, experienced a great development in Romania the last decades. After 2000, many groups and organizations were founded, and they never ceases to suprise through the passion and professionalism of those involved. The next step would be, at least as Nomen Est Omen Cultural Association hopes, […]

Transylvanian Citadels, XVIIth Edition

Nomen Est Omen participated in 14 of the 17 editions of the Transylvanian Citadels Festival held until 2017. The Medieval and Renaissance music concerts held in the Grand Square of Sibiu,  are in line with the thinking of Umberto Eco who saw Middle Ages in all things, appearing in all his activities “which were not, […]

(Medieval) Resistance Group in Deva

In the eighteenth century, after the fall of Oradea in the hands of the Turks, Deva remained the  only unoccupied city in the area. Four centuries later, in 2017, on the plateau of the old Transylvanian city, entered in a cultural circuit following an extensive restoration campaign, and some of the promoters of the historical reenactment from […]

Live in Beijing

In the extremely exciting tour undertaken in China by Nomen Est Omen in 2017, the only thing that the members did not got used with was to saw their names translated, in fact written into Hanzi, as the mandarin Chinese logograms are called. This was each time an occasion to smile and good humor. Moreover, […]

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