Who is that Man Riding through the Barren Valley


Medieval weapons and shields

With his unsheathed knife (photo: Mihai Plămădeală)

In the past twenty-five years, the animation shows in Romanians medieval festivals grown exponentially in terms of professionalism. From actors training to props, everything has improved dramatically. From the surcoats with heraldy and window dressing props in the 90s, reconstruction groups from 2018 have aquired meantime chainmails, shields and real weapons and they know how to use it, for demonstrative purposes, of course. It is a pleasure to watch knights, henchmen, archers, spearmen or guard members today, which however does not mitigate the importance of their counterparts in the Romantic period. In the same idea, the Phoenix song from 1975, “Andrii Popa”, from the  album “Mugur de fluier”, paraphrased in the title and subtitle of this post, should not be assessed as automatically less than, for example, “Ashes” released in 2018 by the legendary band Gryphon on the album “Reinvention”.


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