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Line of Duty

Line of Duty is a police television series produced by the BBC over several seasons, which began in 2012. I borrowed this title in a playful, postmodern context. In fact, the duty that Nomen Est Omen has assumed is to promote medieval music, not to reduce crime. Our means are, in fact, exclusively cultural. We […]

Red Queen to Gryphon Three

The next picture, which was taken by our colleague Valentin Florea in the Council Tower in Sibiu, represents from a visual point of view both a composition in red and black developed along a central axis of symmetry, as well as a collective portrait. The image was selected for a future photographic exhibition made by […]

Medieval Beauty

Sometimes, when we look at Renaissance portraits of young ladies and gentlemen, we are enchanted by their beauty. Beyond the physiognomic features and the elegant costumes, surely in line with reality, the distinguished characters often seem “cosmetized”. A legitimate question is whether the painters arranged them from the brush or whether they looked exactly like […]

Nomen Est Omen on the Red Carpet

One of the important choices that the musician has to make in the years of his formation is that between celebrity and value (acquired through study and recognized at most at the level of cultural niche), in other words, between the philharmonic and the “red carpet”, to make an analogy with the Oscars. Although the […]

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