1484. Summis Desiderantes Affectibus. Witchcraze 2002

Nomen Est Omen - Withcraze

Nomen Est Omen – Withcraze

The seventh year of existence of Nomen Est Omen with seven albums made so far, more or less official, but entered in the romanian genre’s public attention, was very special. The album 1484. Summis Desiderantes Affectibus. Witchcraze, shortly known as Witchcraze, came amid a re-branding campaign undertaken by the band, which began to focus on the anthropological component of the music interpreted and introduced adjacent educational activities in its projects. The story of the album begins on January 1, 2002, when Nomen Est Omen and Cora Consulting, through Ioan Cora and Mihai Plămădeală, made an agreement for sponsorship in order to produce the album. There followed a period of several months of work and documentation for selecting repertoire and making musical arrangements. A studio from Iasi (where prices are lower than in Bucharest) was luckely selected and Nomen Est Omen had the opportunity to work with a valuable engineer, Adrian Motoc. The recordings were made in seven days and the post-processing in three, in May. This is the first album hi fi, published on CD, whose rights belong to the group. Nomen Est Omen wanted to release the album at the festival from Sighisoara, but objective factors have prevented this. The area of the beautiful medieval town, in fact protected by international organizations, came to the attention of economic interest groups who wanted to exploit its tourism irrationally. During the campaign to support construction of an aberrant Dracula Park, the festival was hijacked, and dance and extreme rock bands were brought. It was the most embarrassing moment in the history of the event. With the support of Romanian Television (TVR), Nomen Est Omen originally intended to launch the album in Sighisoara, in parallel with the official festival, but the project eventually became an animadversion documentary on the organizers. The official launch took place in Bucharest in November, in Club A and benefited from a 40-minute show broadcasted by TVR. From the album’s biography should be noted that the first batch of CD products (complete with cover and screen printing) was lost, the expenses being supported by the person responsible. Finally, anything that can be heard on Witchcraze is not related to magic. In parallel with the ignition pyres in Europe, people continued their lives normally, by following the activities and also entertaining course. Therefore it is about the music of the period reported to the “witchcraze”, not about a form of ritual expression. This is the premise of the album.

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