1600 (compilation + bonus tracks) 2007


Nomen Est Omen - 1600

Nomen Est Omen – 1600

The album 1600 was built around five songs that were recorded for Witchcraze and not entered in the final CD, because they had not found the right place in relation to other pieces. These are two compositions by John Dowland, one of Fabritio Caroso and two dances composed by anonymous authors. Besides these, on 1600 have entered a previously recorded suite by Robert Johnson in 1998 for the concert album From the Castle to Another and then in the same year in the studio for D’Un Chateau L’Autre (eventually published in Shakespeare & Friends), and seven studio tracks appeared on previous albums, plus a live piece. The album is unified, despite the fact that the material belongs to several recording sessions and are conducted over time in different studios. The compositions are from year 1600, as shown by the elliptical title chosen for the album. The material, gathered under one name, aims to integrate in a consistent CD some parts already completed, but also to mark the collaboration with several musicians who had passed through the band without having appeared on any album.

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