A Sheriff in Sebes

Dan Tecau Ordinul Scutierilor de Muhlbach

Dan McTecău (photo: Anca Dobre)

In my childhood, Romanian Television broadcasted, among others, the extremely popular TV series, “A sheriff in New York”, made between 1970 and 1977, whose original title was actually “McCloud” – named after the main character. The sheriff rode in New York almost the entire generic, among the ‘modern’ cars of the 70s. Later, when I arrived in the United States I even identify where most of the equestrian scenes were filmed, on Fifth Avenue, but this is a whole different story than what I intend to relate in this context. In 2018, Commander Dan, from the Order Henchmen of Muhlbach, reinstated the riding scene, of course with no connection to the movie, handling his horse, up and down at Lucian Blaga street in Sebes. Such image discourages any bank robber while encouraging activities in medieval festivals.


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