All Together Now

Nomen Est Omen

One two three four /
Can I have a little more (photo: Ştefan Berci)

Even though the song “All Together Now” is signed by Lennon – McCartney, it was written (only) by Paul. Then, although it had been composed during “Magical Mystery Tour”, it appeared on the soundtrack of “Yellow Submarine”. Finally, written in 1967, the song was sung live by Paul McCartney first time only in 2013. Extrapolating, although Nomen Est Omen never had that piece in its repertoire, its members recurrently humed it in informal situations, in particular when they met for rehearsals, concerts and tours. Since in the centenary year of the Romanian Great Union the band had numerous events, the spirit of the song was part, literally and figuratively in the story of 2018.

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