Ardud / The Truth Behind the Wine

Nomen Est Omen Ardud

Nomen Est Omen among vineyards (photo: Gigi Murgu)

One of the cultural ideas that I and my colleagues embrace is that everything in the world has a well-defined meaning (hence the name of the band, Nomen Est Omen; in free translation from Latin, the name traces destiny). I started from this point because, the other day, choosing from a wine shop that I usually go to (in Bucharest) a Sauvignon Blanc, I had the great joy to find, once back home, that it was made in Ardud, an place so dear to us, where we performed at all editions of the medieval festival organized by the City Hall. If it is said that the truth is in the wine (in vino veritas), we can say with our heart that the wine from Ardud is true. The truth behind the bottle that we immortalized in the picture above, is that we walked among the vineyards of the beautiful region of Satu Mare, we were even accommodated in guesthouses near them and that in all years, the rain bypassed the region during the MedievArt Fest. So, for us only sunny days in Ardud, joy and hope that everything will remain at least the same, from these points of view (festival & weather conditions). In the image on the monitor, the one behind the bottle, Nomen Est Omen is on the Citadel hill, to its left (as we look), with the kindergarten in front and somewhere in the back, down, with the Satu Mare-Zalău road.


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