Christmas Song / Winter Nights

Each Christmas, Nomen Est Omen has a meme song. Ian Anderson’s “Christmas Song” is a constant one in our hall of fame. In 2018 we chose the traditional “Carol of the Bells”, arranged by Al Di Meola, from the album “Winter Nights”.  Speaking of which, between winter nights enjoyed behind a window of a warm […]

Most Beloved Historical Figures in Romania

No matter where in this world, actors who played important historical figures remained in the public consciousness in relation to those roles. On the other hand, the general public associates history to a lesser extent with textbooks or classes at their school and more with seen movies. The importance of choosing the actors, costumes, set design and props […]

Nomen Est Omen Rehearseal

To sound at least honorable in concert, it takes much more work than the an outsider can imagine. In a band, individual training is only a necessary, not sufficient for things to get it right. It takes an irrational type of communication, which can be established only when playing together. This is why every musician is both a […]

Who is that Man Riding through the Barren Valley

  In the past twenty-five years, the animation shows in Romanians medieval festivals grown exponentially in terms of professionalism. From actors training to props, everything has improved dramatically. From the surcoats with heraldy and window dressing props in the 90s, reconstruction groups from 2018 have aquired meantime chainmails, shields and real weapons and they know how to use […]

Two Complementary Girls

Coincidentally, Anca and Dana wear in the above image clothes combining red with green, in other words, two complementary colors. Brick walls of the fortress and vegetation in proximity make the perfect chromatic harmony for a spontaneous picture, taken on a beautiful day in the fall of 2018. What may seem commonplace today, has a chance to become once […]

A Sheriff in Sebes

In my childhood, Romanian Television broadcasted, among others, the extremely popular TV series, “A sheriff in New York”, made between 1970 and 1977, whose original title was actually “McCloud” – named after the main character. The sheriff rode in New York almost the entire generic, among the ‘modern’ cars of the 70s. Later, when I arrived in the […]

MedievArtFest 2018

It can be said that in recent years, MedievArtFest is the crowned king of historical reconstructions & living history in Romania. Festivals held under this aegis bring together people that are most interested in this type of event public and artists, from the Carpathian-Danubian space and beyond. Umberto Eco said that what has no name, does’nt exist. MedievArt is […]