Nomen Est Omen on the Red Carpet

One of the important choices that the musician has to make in the years of his formation is that between celebrity and value (acquired through study and recognized at most at the level of cultural niche), in other words, between the philharmonic and the “red carpet”, to make an analogy with the Oscars. Although the […]

The Energy of the Medieval Music

After a summer with a lot of sun, the return to the rehearsal room is the ideal catalyst for the release of positive energy, especially if the songs performed are jumpy, or at least cheerful. The next image captures a moment in Packington’s Pound, rhythmically and vocally, as an exercise in breathing and balance. Not […]

Changing of the Guard

The movement of historical reenactment in Romania has known a moment, in fact a window of flowering time since 2010. Unlike most European countries, where the emphasis is on shows or commercial and recreational activities (from waiters dressed in costumes bringing “medieval” food and drink to customers with smartphones in their hands and even archery […]

At the Castle, Tomorrow Will Be a Feast

Before they became museum objectives, the walls of the castles must have housed a lot of parties, in which wine, hunting, dancing and music certainly played major roles. Without pretending that we have been there since then, we feel good to continue, under the aegis of Nomen Est Omen, the good tradition of medieval holidays […]

A Hot Dance

In August 2019, Nomen Est Omen collaborated ad-hoc with two beautiful dancers on one of the hottest days of summer. Our workshop, scheduled at noon, in the Big Square, involved the presentation of four types of dances: estampie, saltarello, branle & rotta. If our instruments were at least 50 degrees Celsius, the hair of the […]

Holloenek & Nomen Est Omen in Târgu Mureş

We remember with great pleasure MedievArt 2018 / Târgu Mureş, a festival “doomed” to come out very well in any conditions. At the respective edition, held in parallel with a hard rock concert addressed mainly to engine lovers, for the same reason stated, the Holloenek and Nomen Est Omen concerts took place in parallel on […]