Tear Down This Wall!

The wall in this image, which seems to delimit the medieval area from the contemporary one, is from Deva, from the beautiful medieval fortress, the young people in it, also beautiful, are from Sebeş, from the Order of Mühlbach, the title is from Ronald Reagan’s speach on June 12, 1987 at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin […]

È Arrivato Tony Bulandra

In 2015, we met in a medieval festival in Sibiu with old and new friends from the Tony Bulandra Theater in Târgovişte, a group of actors for whom everyday and artistic life is a unitary whole. I remember that I had met Liviu Cheloiu in Sighişoara, 20 years before the moment in Sibiu, when I […]

Medieval & Photographic Art

With the passage of time, ordinary life from past ages has become the subject of scientific research or a source of artistic inspiration. The younger sister of the arts, photography, took over the “medieval and renaissance” subjects, not so much through the reproduction of works of art from those times, but through re-enactments and modern […]

History Begins in Mediaş

In 1999, a first order of medieval reenactment in Romania began its chivalric adventure. Interested in local history, the ladies, knights and squires of Mediaş created more than a brand, respectively a standard. A few years later, the example was followed by several other orders, all the more so as those who had started together […]

Dog Day Afternoon

Through an unwritten weather tradition, the weather at MedievArt Fest Ardud keeps up with the organizers, i.e. rain, storm and strong wind bypass the region. Artistic events are held in comfort, especially since they take place in principle in the afternoon and evening, when temperature and light are ideal. During the day, however, the mercury […]