The Metal Ox Year

According to the Chinese calendar, the year 2021 is that of the Metal Ox. For Europeans, cattle, for example the ox, could have negative connotations, although it is not mandatory. Let’s remember the famous ox head from the coat of arms of the Principality of Moldova, which symbolizes power, being associated with the sun, moon […]

Red Queen to Gryphon Three

The next picture, which was taken by our colleague Valentin Florea in the Council Tower in Sibiu, represents from a visual point of view both a composition in red and black developed along a central axis of symmetry, as well as a collective portrait. The image was selected for a future photographic exhibition made by […]

Medieval Beauty

Sometimes, when we look at Renaissance portraits of young ladies and gentlemen, we are enchanted by their beauty. Beyond the physiognomic features and the elegant costumes, surely in line with reality, the distinguished characters often seem “cosmetized”. A legitimate question is whether the painters arranged them from the brush or whether they looked exactly like […]

Ardud, Europe

Ardud is a place where the past meets the present under the aegis of continuity and dynamics. With a history attested to more than eight centuries, something has always happened here, something relevant from a social, cultural, anthropological point of view. The medieval festival organized in the beautiful Fortress of Ardud, the artistic creation camps […]

Light in August

Nomen Est Omen associates the end of summer with the medieval festival in Sibiu, Transylvanian Fortresses, in which has participated about fifteen times until 2019. The light is special at this time of year, which is why in the band’s album there are many interesting pictures from the mentioned event. Beyond the subject(s), the camera […]