Bizarre Things at Bizere

Nomen Est Omen takes part in the cultural project related to the discovery of the benedictine monastery in Bizere, Frumuseni, Arad

Nomen Est Omen la Bizere

Nomen Est Omen – Backstage (photo: Florin Mărginean)

A very profound phrase says that the one on the top of the stairs is not so low as the people downstairs think. By extrapolation, while on stage, one lives a different feeling from those experienced by the audience. In 2009 Nomen Est Omen participated in a cultural project (initiated by the Museum of Archaeology and History from Arad) in Bizere – Frumuşeni, where a XII century Benedictine monastery was found. The event, coupled with a fair, gathered an audience composed (mainly) of local people, the so-called peasants, some archaeologists, a television, few local authorities, the police officer Pamela and last but not least, a beautiful girl specially coming from Timisoara, who knew Nomen Est Omen from the previous editions of  the Sighisoara Festival. The concert was well received by public, which enthusiastically responded to the show, especially to the rhythm and costumes. No matter how strange the artistic moment seemed to the people watching it, the real bizarre things from Bizere were those the band saw from the stage, a spectacle both beautiful, unique and decent.

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