From a Castle to Another 1998


Nomen Est Omen - From a Castle to Another

Nomen Est Omen – From a Castle to Another

If Pilgrim’s Song and Tornada brought nothing by itself, however, the chapter had important consequences for Nomen Est Omen. On this occasion, Mihai Plămădeală and Laurenţiu Fratoştiţeanu (guitarist of the band between 1996 and 2009) went to Centre Culturel Français and Studio Voices from Iaşi, where they made offers for concerts/recordings. Both proposals were to materialize next year. In 1998, Nomen Est Omen Ensemble was invited to sing in Fête de la Musique, a concert which was recorded in their desire to replace the loss of the previous year. For this new moment the proffesional responsible for the waste of the original material from ’97 was avoided and a no name sound engineer was chosen. He made big commitments and asked for a modest price, but offered the matched quality. The band was left with a stereo sound captured from a mixer and passed through filter effects that distroyed the dynamics and harmonics and through a calibration that almost lost the guitar. Although successful, this concert has not had a decent final version either. The album was not edited and was at that time distributed only as a demo. In 2011, Nomen Est Omen has reviewed the situation and considered that the material can be (re)introduced into the discography entries as lo fi & unrealised / unknown album. From a Castle to Another did not have until today an artistic cover, the demo beeing distributed on audio tape with a technical cover.

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