Historical Reenactment & Living History in Romania

Historical reenactments, especially those related to everyday life and atmosphere, experienced a great development in Romania the last decades. After 2000, many groups and organizations were founded, and they never ceases to suprise through the passion and professionalism of those involved. The next step would be, at least as Nomen Est Omen Cultural Association hopes, […]

(Medieval) Resistance Group in Deva

In the eighteenth century, after the fall of Oradea in the hands of the Turks, Deva remained the  only unoccupied city in the area. Four centuries later, in 2017, on the plateau of the old Transylvanian city, entered in a cultural circuit following an extensive restoration campaign, and some of the promoters of the historical reenactment from […]

MedievArt Fest

MedievArt brand is synonymous with the reenactment movement in Romania, but also with good humor, positive thinking and the joy to share with other people common values. Diverse through their artistic activities, the participants in such events complement and stimulate each other, all in the idea of ​​providing the public (His Highness, the public), all […]

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Medieval festivals bring together beautiful people, not meaning that the mentioned type of artistic expression would have a monopoly in the field. Nobody has ever done statistics, anthropological studies or contests worthy of being taken into account, so that the signer assumes the assertion that every girl dressed in a historical costume is the most […]

Medieval Festival in Deva

Nomen Est Omen performed his first concert in the medieval fortress of Deva in April 2017, one year after the completion of an important stage of its restoration. The fortress, which has a fantastic tourism potential, deserves a festival on its extent. The pilot edition of one day, in fact six hours, where Nomen Est […]

Medieval Tournament in Sibiu

Used throughout history, armor was determined by materials and technology of each period. Over thousands of years, from skin, bone and wood, it was bronze and steel. The full armor with plates, best known today, appeared in medieval Europe with the invention of hydraulic hammers. We should mention that armor goes in hand with the […]