The Troubadours of the XXIst Century

The Troubadours at Sighisoara Medieval Festival 2014. The Troubadours cover in their shows an interesting and wide area, from music, through commedia dell’arte, to theatre, in any order the reader prefers. When not on the stage with Nomen Est Omen, I applauded Mihai Serghei Todor (the leader of the band), initially in a series of […]

Medieval Christmas, a gastronomic version

Medieval Christmas, a boyar menu. Some things never change, like the smoked pork and beans, a gastronomic combination associated in the Middle and East Europe with the winter holidays, a dish that was probably consumed in the Middle Ages with the same joy as today. Nomen Est Omen members kept in their memory, journal and […]

Nomen Est Omen in the Sigma Square

Nomen Est Omen in the Sigma Square, at the Sighisoara Medieval Festival. Sighisoara main festival carried over times several names in the papers and posters, all containing the keyword “medieval”. Under this postmodernist aegis entered, alongside medieval music, folk, world, blues, rock and so on. In order to maintain the historical spirit but also to satisfy […]

Medieval Line

The leaders of the medieval music band and of the reenactment groups participate at the opening ceremony of the Sighisoara Medieval Festival 2014. Known as Renaissance Fairs in the United States, the medieval festivals from all over Europe, no matter their exact name, try more to reenact history than their sister across the ocean. Since […]

Sighişoara Strikes Again

Nomen Est Omen and the Knight Nicola of Severin – shooting for a video in the Sighisoara citadel. In the summer of 2011, Nomen Est Omen came into the Citadel of Sighisoara to make a video for the song Packington’s Pound. There, we met our good old friend, the Knight Nicola of Severin, whom we […]