Changing of the Guard

Sebeş, a safe medieval city (photo: Mihai Plămădeală)

The movement of historical reenactment in Romania has known a moment, in fact a window of flowering time since 2010. Unlike most European countries, where the emphasis is on shows or commercial and recreational activities (from waiters dressed in costumes bringing “medieval” food and drink to customers with smartphones in their hands and even archery trainings or armor lessons, included in team building programs), our focus is on animation, demonstrations and presentations. It is a viable form of education, both for “combatants” and for the public. The image that accompanies these lines is from a in-rank inspection in Sebeş. For those unfamiliar with the military term, this is a regular verification by commanders of the degree to which subordinate units or subunits have mastered the instruction. On this occasion, the external appearance of the military, the condition of the military equipment and equipment are also checked. The inspection ends with the parade.


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