Come Along!

Nomen Est Omen-festival medieval

The Secret of Marco Polo (photo: Gigi Murgu)

I’ll kidnap you at night from Francis López’s opera, The Secret of Marco Polo, is one of the recurring areas hummed in Nomen Est Omen’s tours (obviously off-stage and unpretentious). The song is known especially by the subtitle Come along, a phrase with militant valences. From here, to the famous James Montgomery Flagg poster with Uncle Sam urging young people to enlist in the army (in which the character holds his forefinger outstretched to the viewer), there is only one step left. Our idea is that those who have not yet come to a medieval festival can do so. The appeal is not intended to be any advice, nor a lecturing made to the ignorant, but rather an idea put into circulation by harmless means.


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