Minstrels in the Middle Ages, minstrels today.

Minstrels in Middle Ages, minstrels today

The long and winding roads (photo: Pinco Pallino)

Fortified cities, castles and cathedrals of yesteryear have been replaced today by residential neighborhoods, high-rises and shopping malls whose vaulting would have certainly impressed the architects of past ages. Even if the music today corresponds to technical possibilities of modern production, storage and distribution, minstrels existed in the Middle Ages, minstrels still exist, at least under the idea of ​​reenactment in cultural context. One of the most original scenes where Nomen Est Omen ever played was placed in an intersection in the center of one of the largest city in Romania. Thus, medieval music can be still heard in the public areas of the XXI century, at least sometimes, in some of them. Two final mention: 1) at the concert, traffic was restricted in the area; 2) The title chosen for these lines makes no reference to the 1986 film Crossroads, despite its musical subject.

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