Dog Day Afternoon

Mihai & Liviu: căldură mare, mon cher! (foto: Anca Dobre)

Mihai & Liviu: high heat, mon cher! (photo: Anca Dobre)

Through an unwritten weather tradition, the weather at MedievArt Fest Ardud keeps up with the organizers, i.e. rain, storm and strong wind bypass the region. Artistic events are held in comfort, especially since they take place in principle in the afternoon and evening, when temperature and light are ideal. During the day, however, the mercury of thermometers can easily jump over 40 degrees, which happened on day Z, the day when the image that accompanies these lines was captured. It was so hot in those moments that we felt like Al Pacino and John Cazale from Sidney Lumet’s 1975 film Day Dog Afternoon. For those who did not recognize the place where the picture was taken, and might think that it is about First Brooklyn Savings Bank, we specify that the action took place on the steps of the City Hall in the beautiful city of Ardud.


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