D’Un Chateau L’Autre 1998

Nomen Est Omen - D'Un Château L'Autre

Nomen Est Omen – D’Un Château L’Autre

D’Un Chateau L’Autre, the third attempt to make an album in Iaşi, this time successful, then accredited as a compilation, contains mostly the songs recorded a few months earlier, for the LP From a Castle to Another. Studio Voices and Zebra Sound agreed with Nomen Est Omen to produce the material on their fees, under a production contract considered at that time convenient for both parties. The recordings were made in a month, in the fall of 1998, with Paul Bârzu on the mixer (ex-guitarist of Titan), a truely proffesional sound engineer. The repertoire of Nomen Est Omen was based in 1997 – 1998 on playful music from the north and the west of Europe. Plămădeală, Fratoştiţeanu & Co started working for a project that encompassed some 30 medieval themes from different geographic areas, comprised between X-XVII centuries. Nomen Est Omen begun to promote the future double album in concerts around the country. The agreement with the producer, at first only verbal, knew finally a contractual form which stipulated a 45-minute album. In the end 22 songs were finalised (60 minutes) – a material for an album with dances from France, Italy and Spain and an extra bonus with 15 minutes of Elizabethan music. The material was to remain in the studio’s possession until the official release. The tracks, in a mono version, unmastered, were nevertheless extracted by the band toward the end of the recordings, without the knowledge/consent of the studio or the sound engineer. These – actually what was later to be known as the album (the compilation) D’Un Chateau L’Autre – were used exclusively for promotional purposes, including in the tour that the band made that winter in the United States. Distributed as mentioned, the album was pirated, knowing some spread in the demo version.

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