Fortified Churches in Transylvania

Force demonstration with musical instruments, costumes and music stands.

Nomen Est Omen in the fortified churches in Transylvania - Cisnadioara

Sunlight bled upon the silence (photo Mihai Plămădeală)

The outer wall of the Romanesque basilica Michelsberg in Cisnădioara has a western tower and a gatehouse, a curtain wall and battlements. On the hill where the structure was built, people permanently brought rocks, used in need for defensive purposes. There is even a local legend saying that every man to be married had to carry up a big rock before the marriage, in order to demonstrate his power. Nomen Est Omen’s tour trough the fortified churches in Transylvania involved also a concert in Cisnădioara. Arrived in place at the last moment, in the same time with the bus transporting the audience, a group of cardiologists who sponsored the musical event, as a cultural appendix of a medical congress, the band members had to carry up to the never reaching hill, in much haste, not rocks, but costumes, music stands and musical instruments. The photo picturing Anca and Tania resting on the sill of the XIII century door, indicate the fact that for a healthy life one must practice sport, at least 15 minutes a day.

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