Through the Fortresses of Arad County

Nomen Est Omen prin cetatile Aradului 2004

Mihai, Larisa, Cristian & Marian (photo: Dragoş Dobre)

Nomen Est Omen undertook in 2004 a tour of six concerts in as many fortresses in Arad county, a tour organized by the Arad Philharmonic. The photo that remembered us the event was found by chance in a folder with scores of a repertoire from 2000, a total surprise. The poster placed on the board of the bus where that picture was taken notes that beside Nomen Est Omen, the bands on that tour were Grafic from Arad, Duo Artissimo from Ploiesti and Trio Consonante from Timisoara, and a sum of important soloist as Maxim Belciug, Caius Hera, Manuel Caragea or late master Deak Endre. At the concerts from Lipova and Şiria began the collaboration with Marcel Sâpcu, the leader of Grafic, invited to play the percussions at the final tracks played by Nomen Est Omen who came than with a formula of blockflote, violin, guitar and cello.

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