Historical Reenactment & Living History in Romania

Terra Ultrasilvana la Cetăţi Transilvane Sibiu 2017

Terra Ultrasilvana in Sibiu 2017 (photo: Mihai Plămădeală)

Historical reenactments, especially those related to everyday life and atmosphere, experienced a great development in Romania the last decades. After 2000, many groups and organizations were founded, and they never ceases to suprise through the passion and professionalism of those involved. The next step would be, at least as Nomen Est Omen Cultural Association hopes, the reenactment of some Romanian significant battles: Podul Înalt, Călugăreni, Posada etc. Such a project requires funding, timing and concerted effort, plausible if we consider the dynamics and the potential development of the reenactment phenomenon.

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