History Begins in Mediaş

Ordinul Cavalerilor de Medias

Nicola de Severin (photo: Mihai Plămădeală)

In 1999, a first order of medieval reenactment in Romania began its chivalric adventure. Interested in local history, the ladies, knights and squires of Mediaş created more than a brand, respectively a standard. A few years later, the example was followed by several other orders, all the more so as those who had started together continued their work on separate projects. Two decades away from the zero moment, we can talk about a second wave of movement, which overlaps with what is left of the first. The result means about fifteen knightly orders in activity, of which about ten count, and about five others which, unfortunately, have ceased or temporarily interrupted their public appearances. Nomen Est Omen signals that those involved in historical reenactment, be they chivalric orders or musical formations, are creators of intangible heritage, a category recognized by UNESCO. It is a living phenomenon, arising from socio-cultural reasons, based on both passion and professionalism.


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