History of the Thirteen

Nomen Est Omen, Huniadi Cantores and Graphic reunion in Alba Iulia.

Nomen Est Omen, Huniadi Cantores and Graphic

The Magnificent Thirteen (photo: Liviu Pancu)

There were in 2009, in Alba Iulia, during the City Fair, thirteen musicians, men and women alike, having the same feelings for the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, all endowed with the power to promote chamber music in public spaces (often unconventional), honest enough not to gossip each other without a good reason, clever enough to overcome what divides them and to call for what unites them, gifted with the ability to ignore the cultural confusion and unfair competition, extremely fortunate to live and professionally express themselves in Romania at the turn of the millennium. Finally, for not depriving this description (obviously satirical and not at all malicious) of the paraphrased synoptic pattern, History of the Thirteen by Balzac, these thirteen people are today so famous, that there’s no way to escape the sympathy of the masses and especially the one of the employers, not even on the smallest side streets. Nomen Est Omen, Grafic and Huniadi Cantores took position on that occasion, from Alba to Iulia, in a photo for the personal archive.

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