Holloenek & Nomen Est Omen in Târgu Mureş

Bálint Lajos & Mihai Plămădeală (photo: Anca Dobre)

We remember with great pleasure MedievArt 2018 / Târgu Mureş, a festival “doomed” to come out very well in any conditions. At the respective edition, held in parallel with a hard rock concert addressed mainly to engine lovers, for the same reason stated, the Holloenek and Nomen Est Omen concerts took place in parallel on one of the evenings, on stages located in diametrically opposite points of the Citadel, before the start of the hard-heavy-speed-thrash-black metal show from somewhere in the city and held at tens of thousands of watts. The “medieval” audience was equally divided between the two concerts, and the next day Holloenek attended the concert Nomen Est Omen and Nomen Est Omen attended the concert Holloenek, also performed on different stages, but not simultaneously. I remember a joke from the British mini-series London Spy, which says that an American, an Englishman, a Frenchman, an Israeli, a Russian and a Saudi enter a bar and everyone agrees. In the spirit of this cinematic joke, we also agreed with everything that happened in Tâgu Mureş, from accommodation, meals, remuneration, program, even with the rock concert, Valentin, the guitarist from Nomen Est Omen being also a biker, as of otherwise also the friends Jan or Ciprian from Cavalerii Lup.


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