Legends of the Medieval Fall

Nomen Est Omen Old Court Bucharest

Nomen Est Omen at the Old Court in Bucharest (photo: Tizio Sempronio)

Between 2000 and 2002, Nomen Est Omen’s guitarist, Laurentiu, wandered the globe, in a parallel individual project. During this time, the band turned to three top musicians, with strong professional experience and career, which have evolved as guests in NEO: Tiberiu, Catalin and Claudiu. The latter is none other than Klaus from Aeternum (Sibiu), which developed normally the work with his band during the collaboration with Nomen Est Omen. So Claudiu Klaus Conţiu was never part of Nomen Est Omen as Mihai Plămădeală, who was invited in Aeternum, has never been part of this newer band. The two brands came together only in jam sessions at the medieval festival in Sighisoara and Sibiu.

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