Live in Beijing

Nomen Est Omen in Beijing

Nomen Est Omen at Dongcheng Hall (foto: 张伟)

In the extremely exciting tour undertaken in China by Nomen Est Omen in 2017, the only thing that the members did not got used with was to saw their names translated, in fact written into Hanzi, as the mandarin Chinese logograms are called. This was each time an occasion to smile and good humor. Moreover, the leitmotif of the tour was inventing Asian personal biographies, all under the idea of ​​”fantasy”, especially during the endless rounds of tea, píjiǔ or báilándì between concerts. Beyond that, the joy that medieval and Renaissance music is well received across centuries and thousands of miles, adds to the certainty that the arts are the universal language, in this case music, would modestly add the minstrel signer.


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