Soprano & Base

Nomen Est Anca makes a  magical exchange with a little girl in medieval Sibiu, Transylvania.

A magical exchange in medieval Sibiu Transylvania

A magical exchange (foto: Bodor Sandor)

The children are our future and the future sounds good (or at least we would like to think so). Asked by many parents to make a picture with their children, as a fairy, princess, entertainer or actress as those from the Mall, Nomen Est Anca once made a magical exchange with a little girl from Sibiu: she gave her the drum and took in exchange the flute. Thus resulted twenty seconds of musica universalis and an nice picture. After this artistic moment, the kids probably went to bed, dreaming to grow faster, while we went to The Owl, where we ate pancakes with vanilla – fantastic as the Wonderland of Alice.

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