Red & Black

Carnivals, masks and medieval costumes.

Doamna de Derville şi doamna de Renal - Cine-i cine? (foto: Mihai Plǎmǎdealǎ)

Madame de Derville and Madame de Renal – Who’s who? (photo: Mihai Plǎmǎdealǎ)

The costumes worn at a certain moment by the girls in the Nosa dance group determined the association, not at all surprisingly, with the novel of Stendhal, Le Rouge et le Noir, translated in English as The Red and the Black, in Italian as Il rosso e il nero, in Spanish as Rojo y negro, in Polish as Czerwone i czarne and, finally, in Lithuanian, as Raudona ir juoda. Going further, the masks elegantly worn by the same noble dancers suprised by the Nomen Est Omen camera, can send to novel of Ionel Teodoreanu, The Masquerade, or why not?, to the ’80 Romanian television  show, Masked or Unmasked. The most interesting thing would be to know who are really the girls in this image, outside the medieval carnivals and festivals, when they don’t wear costumes and masks.

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