Sleep in Graphic

The communion with nature in the Citadels of Arad

Graphic and Nomen Est Omen at Şoimoş

Graphic and Nomen Est Omen at Şoimoş(foto: Florin Mărginean)

In 2009 Nomen Est Omen performed in the Citadels of Arad County, strictly speaking. The homonym project, extremely interesting, materialized in a roving festival. Going from one site to another was made with the bus of the Philharmonica, but sometimes, as it was the case at Şoimoş, the musicians had to track on a narrow path to reach the fortification, on the top a super hill. All this in costumes, carrying the instruments on their back, about 45 minutes of walk. We arrived at about the middle of the concert performed by our friends from the band Graphic (from Arad), and after their concert it was our turn to play. We remember especially two things: Benny, the percussionist of the named band, carried a boulder (as Sisyphus) from the base of the hill, in order to have a stool during the concert and Nomen Est Adam, our colleague (bassoon player) who fell asleep in the grass while The Graphics played. After our concert started, suddenly a storm arose, but this is yet another story. The communion with nature was at its peak.

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