Medieval Music Concert

The way we look is the image of our time, so says Romanian Television’s slogan.

Medieval Music Concert

The image of our time (photo: Klaus Conţiu)

In the inexhaustible Nomen Est Omen’s archive was found not long ago a photo with the band, which was made most probably in 2004, in Sighisoara. The year was supposed based on subjective clues: in the picture, besides Marian, Cristi, Mihai, Dragoş and Larisa, the members of the band back then, appears in the center the one and only Raluca, ex-percussionist in Aeternum, who was invited at the last minute to contribute with her tambourine to the rhythmic section. The sweater she wears, according to the memories of one of the members, belonged to Raluca’s friend, Dana. The girls made the switch because, having no white outfit as the others, the above called sweater, manufactured somewhere in Far East, entered in a visual dialogue with the fez hat of Dragoş; all these because the show was to be filmed by a television crew. In fact, the way those people appeared was the image of their time, as the TV slogan said. Today, only Mihai and Cristi are still in that formula.

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