Medieval Music in 2019

Muzica medievala in 2019

At the Castel, tommorrow will be a feast (photo: Gigi Murgu)

Today, in the context of the consumer society corresponding to the period we are going through, the lifespan of almost all products, including cultural ones, is extremely short. Referring to music, songs that do not disappear (until a possible revival), often “migrate” from clubs, discos, or concert halls to elevators, shops and retro shows, or metamorphose into jingles. In this context, medieval music continues in a certain way its existence, under a different aegis than the one in which it was created, respectively in the cultural or reenactment one. The important thing is that there are people who still enjoy this music and bands, such as Nomen Est Omen, who sing with great joy the compositions from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


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