Medieval Music on YouTube

Nomen Est Omen / Tourdion Muzica Medievala pe Youtube

Nomen Est Omen / Tourdion on MedievalTube (photo: Dan Cimpoeşu)

Today, YouTube is part of the life of several billion people. Although it seems that things were such since forever, the history of this video-sharing website has started only in 2005. A movie of Nomen Est Omen shot that year, editeds and loaded in 2008, has now when writing these lines, more than 10 000 views, given that this video is not viral. In principle, medieval music is accessed only by those interested in the subject, confusion rarely happen. If in 1995 – ’96, the signatory promoted his band in their first year of existence, through photocopied leaflets distributed personally, today things changed. We can say that the future is not what it was anymore.

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