(Medieval) Resistance Group in Deva

Alianta medievala la Deva

Tempus Adest Gratiae (foto: Gigi Murgu)

In the eighteenth century, after the fall of Oradea in the hands of the Turks, Deva remained the  only unoccupied city in the area. Four centuries later, in 2017, on the plateau of the old Transylvanian city, entered in a cultural circuit following an extensive restoration campaign, and some of the promoters of the historical reenactment from Romania have met. Sebes, Bucharest, Hunedoara and Targu Mures fived an alliance regarding cultural interests shared by several people working in the Romanian reenactment area. Wolf Knights Order, Carpathian Knights Order, The Squiers of Muhlbach and the Medieval & Renaissance Music Band Nomen Est Omen share the same ideas about genre festivals, which is why they had the bold determination to photo together before a season of summer which would include Targu Neamt, twice Ardud, Hunedoara and Targu Mures. In total, fifteen days (over two months) of concerts, theater, wrestling crafts, parades, workshops and conferences.


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