MedievArtFest 2018

Medievart Fest Sebes 2018 Nomen Est Omen

Sebeş: Taking Off (photo Gigi Murgu)

It can be said that in recent years, MedievArtFest is the crowned king of historical reconstructions & living history in Romania. Festivals held under this aegis bring together people that are most interested in this type of event public and artists, from the Carpathian-Danubian space and beyond. Umberto Eco said that what has no name, does’nt exist. MedievArt is today not only a name, but a very good one, probably the best in the world for what it defines. Important is the joy we feel, wheter spectators or artists. Nomen Est Omen live out the wellbeing of MedievArt, being not infrequently, metaphorically speaking, about to take off.

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