The Mercenary Trap

An ecounter between Emil Hartmann and Mihai Plămădeală at the Medieval Festival Sibiu 2011.

Emil Hartmann and Mihai Plămădeală

Emil Hartmann and Mihai Plămădeală (photo: Victor Velculescu)

Sibiu, August 2011, Captain’s log: The meeting with Emil Hartmann in front of the Ibis Hotel, the ex Conti(nental), represented, whitouth any doubt, the event that reminded us of the movie made by Sergiu Nicolaescu four decades ago, The Mercenary Trap. One of the mercenary of those days, the most handsome, smart and strong one, today a movie/theater insider and a master in swordsmanship somewhere in Germany, is Emil himself. The movie (as we recall) starts or ends with him. Nomen Est Mihai did not met the nobleman Hartmann for seven years, since the band wore, in a series of concerts, costumes and clothes from the past provided by Emil. The joy of the recap was authentic, unaffectionate but also in fighting trim, according to each other’s infinite vanity.

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