The Power and the Glory

The Middle Ages tournaments reenacted in Baia Mare.

Sic transit gloria mundi (foto: Mihai Plǎmǎdealǎ)

Sic transit gloria mundi (photo: Mihai Plǎmǎdealǎ)

The tournament was a competition in which the knights of the western Middle Ages competed in fights. These competitions were organized in peace time, at the castles, as a training, in the presence of nobles and sometimes even kings. The winner was obliged to give its opponent the amour and the horse. Today, the mentality has radically changed, in the sense that the ideas of the chivalry are longtime gone; as Anni-Frid Lyngstad said it, in 1980 already, in the song of ABBA, the winner takes it all. This picture was captured in 2013, at a tournament organized near Baia Mare.

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