Must Be the Season of the Witch

Nomen Est Omen working for a remaster Witchcraze

Nomen Est Omen - Session of the Witch

Nomen Est Omen Sessions (photo: Mihai Plămădeală)

In 2012 we celebrate 10 years since the release of the CD Witchcraze, the most appreciated (by the public) of the 12 albums made by Nomen Est Omen by now. A year ago we unexpectedly recovered the recording sessions from a decade ago, which led us to the idea of ​​a remaster. The anticipated title is Session of the Witch, and the album will contain, besides the songs from Witchcraze, some bonus tracks recorded than which did not entered in the final version, but also some original songs. A number of instruments will be replaced and new voices will be combined with the existing ones. For the moment, Nomen Est Omen is working to another album, and we hope to launch it in Sighisoara, Sibiu and Arad this summer, but it would be an good idea to finish the Sessions by November, the month when Witchcraze was (officially) released in 2002 in Club A. The “re-release” in the same club sounds interesting, but there’s a lot to do until than. At the time of writing these lines, (intense) work it’s done for the cover.

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