Neverending Story

Nomen Est Omen medievala and renaissance music

Dragoş, Mihai, Silviu, Adam & Anca (photo: Otto Normalverbraucher)

In his book, The Neverending Story, Michael Ende assigns imagination with the power to save the world. To play or enjoy the medieval and Renaissance music in this century one certainly needs much imagination. Nomen Est Omen band, without claiming on the above mentioned statement, has its own story, which, at the time of writing is still in progress for 22 years. The discovery of some pictures in the archive does nothing else than to strengthen the belief that what once seemed trivial, acquires with time an exceptional aura. The band had as members the musicians in this picture for about four years. We remember that the photo was taken in the courtyard of the Evangelical Church in Sibiu after a concert entitled Alla Corte Del Re Sole Area (as it is written on the back, without mentioning the date).

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