Nobilis Humilis 2001

Nomen Est Omen - Nobilis Humilis

Nomen Est Omen – Nobilis Humilis

In 2001, Nomen Est Omen signed a contract for six concerts in the Medieval Art Festival of Sighisoara – an ideal opportunity to launch a new album. Membership of the band’s previous album was partially different from that of the time, recordings were made in principle under the expectations and, if appropriate processed materials, copyrights were pending. In these circumstances, Nomen Est Omen opted for fast recording of a studio album made entirely in four hours, a few days before the festival, until the beginning which were multiplied five hundred copies (tapes). Underground aspect that characterized the band so far, has been preserved this time too: order for the studio being insignificant, the project materialized courtesy of sound engineer (friend and former colleague at the Conservatory “Ciprian Porumbescu” with one of the Nomen Est Omen members) without money, receipt and owner’s knowledge, after hours, ie at night. The album, without taxes payed (and legal rights to sell it) was distributed free, the expenses being covered by donations.

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