Nomen Est Omen 1996


Nomen Est Omen I


It is the first discographic project of Nomen Est Omen, recorded in an apartament room, with a multitrack Yamaha 8 Chanels and four Sennheiser microphones. The album, released only on tape, in an edition of 1,300 copies, can be regarded, by technical features and intentionality, as part of the lo fi genre. The resulting material consists of 40 medieval and Renaissance musical themes in arrangements from two to six voices, totaling 60 minutes. 45% of the sessions were recorded (on channels) by Mihai Plămădeală, who initially intended to produce a solo album, 45% by Plămădeală toghether with (the composer) Şerban Ian Ursachi, who visited him at that time and ended by involving in the project, and 10% by both of them toghether with Eugen Oigăn Nuţescu (the lender of the multitrack device; the future guitarist from Kumm) and Dan Radu (later voice /guitar / flute at Byron), who were invited to participate in the day before the established deadline (the device had to be returned in Cluj, a city situated at more than 400 km from Bucharest, where the project was held). The recording sessions lasted seven days and the post processing was done in one day by George Pătrănoiu (future to be in Metrock, The Order, Act, Schimbul 3, Krypton, Taxi). Eponymous album appeared in English and Hungarian graphic versions and was re-edited on a 46 minute tape (31 tracks). The official release took place at the Medieval Art Festival in Sighişoara in 1996, where, together with Mihai Plămădeală & Nomen Est Omen, the above mentioned people were invited to attend. Dan Radu was to remain as part of the band for another year and a half and to take part to more radio recordings in Cluj and Sighişoara, yet unrealised.

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