Nomen Est Omen – 25 Years of Existence

Valentin, Anca, Mihai & Cristian (photo: Gigi Murgu)

In 1995, when I initiated the Nomen Est Omen project, I did not think further from the summer of that year, respectively the Sighişoara festival, the only event of this type in Romania at that time. Time passed and the route of the band was, I can say today, an ascending sinusoid one. Without minimizing and in no way being inspired by what I will report, in front of the Argentin terrace in Bucharest (right across from Club A), where I have my coffee on meteorologically favorable days, constantly parks a car of a happy hippie shop with a print that says “good things come if you wait for them / don’t give up on dreams, someday you’ll regret it”. As profound and true as “love is a great thing”! What is certain is that the year 2020 marks a quarter of a century of existence of a band and a brand synonymous with medieval & renaissance music in Romania.


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