Nomen Est Omen in Hamelin

A famous piper, with magical powers.

Nomen Est Omen in Hamelin

Dream Team (photo: Andrei Berindan)

During the tour in the Lower Saxony, on the valley of the river Weser, Nomen Est Omen called for a famous piper, whose magic was an inspiration for Charles Perrault himself. The main concert, scheduled in Hamelin, the most fortified city in the old Kingdom of Hanover, was canceled; initially because of a rat infestation, which we refuse to comment upon, than because of some financial disagreements. The true legend, known even from the 13rd century, that inspired, amongst others, the Grimm Brothers, Goethe, Robert Browning or already mentioned Perrault, was at one point, all things considered, the occasion for a Nomen Est Omen photo, part of a larger project (the object of another possible discussion). Sources from the band close friends say that the cardboard piper used for this noble purpose was not given the name John Doe, as you would expect, but Dănilă, as the famous tom cat from the movie Veronica, made in the ’70 by Elisabeta Bostan.

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