Nomen Est Omen in China

Nomen Est Omen in Beijing

Photo Shoot at the Cultural Centre of Dong Cheng Beijing (photo: Anca Dobre)

Nomen Est Omen’s 2017 tour in China meant, beyond the cultural dimension, a continuous series of photo shoots, at concerts and especially after; on the street, in vehicles, or in restaurants. Subjects were the protagonists themselves and photographers a large part of those we met, from officials or spectators, to waitresses and cooks, the latter having a lot of fun from the way Europeans use chopsticks to eat. Everyone was very open, kind and friendly. The thousands (or tens of thousands) of images captured appeared, certainly, on local social networks other than those of the rest of the world, but similar.


Anca at Dongishitiao

Lihwa Wáng and Mihai

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