Nomen Est Omen in Gărâna

Always An Option (photo: Anca Dobre)

The side events of the Gărâna Jazz Festival offer alternative cultural opportunities for those present at the fantastic annual musical festival. Symposiums, workshops, exhibitions, concerts or book releases, all for the benefit of an audience configured in relation to the festival rather than its mundane aspects. The House of Arts and the events organized by Elisabeth Ochsenfeld (each time with participants from three continents) are, if not at point zero, at least at point G of the collaterals (extending to Heidelberg, Frankfurt and Baden Baden). Nomen Est Omen has participated over time, at the level of cultural association, in several editions of the events in Gărâna, each time with great joy.

Together with Veronica Kirchner and Carmen Bayer

Anca & Veronica in Lindenfeld

Elisabeth Ochsenfeld and Mihai Plămădeală inBaden Baden

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