Nomen Est Omen Rehearseal

Repetition Nomen Est Omen Calderon

Repetition is the mother of all learning (photo: Gigi Murgu)

To sound at least honorable in concert, it takes much more work than the an outsider can imagine. In a band, individual training is only a necessary, not sufficient for things to get it right. It takes an irrational type of communication, which can be established only when playing together. This is why every musician is both a character and a resource in his area, especially when is niche one. For the above mentioned reasons, medieval bands members changed, but people are basically the same. Rehearsals, however, can not be eluded, and neither death and IRS, to paraphrase the famous Anglo-American proverb. The good news is that rehearsals can be very enjoyable for enthusiasts. The above picture was taken in 2017, at the Nomen Est Omen band’s rehearsal in the Calderon Street, Bucharest. The working sessions with Marcel and Cristi are really prolific. We recall that in less than 20 hours, we put in the repertoire for the tour undertaken in China that year.

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