Nomen Est Omen / Scena Theater


In front of the Scena Theater from Târgu Mureş (photo: Innealtóir Fuaime)

The concerts held by Nomen Est Omen in the autumn of 2018 at the Scena Theater represented some moments as beautiful as they were atypical. The first of the three performances was scheduled in parallel with a rock concert, held on the big stage, in the diametrically opposite corner of the Târgu Mureş Fortress. Although the volume of the sound there was louder than that with which the medieval music band could be amplified, on the stage in front of the theater of the same name gathered several hundred people, which created an extraordinary atmosphere. At the next day’s concert, which took place at noon, on a sun worthy of a summer day, Nomen Est Omen had some famous spectators: the band Hollóének, which had a “window” in the MedievArtFest program (Nomen Est and Hollóének were, to the delight of the public, very present in the program of the festival). Finally, the filming and recordings from the third day, brought into discussion, due to the mastery of the sound engineer and the positive vibration of the protagonists, respectively the benevolent attitude of the audience, the idea of ​​editing a concert album. Good theater, dedicated audience, beautiful stage, plus a band that had the chance to enjoy these gifts.


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