Nomen Est Omen # Sound and Color

Sound workshops (photo: Iulia Florea)

Given the double qualification of the undersigned, in the fields of music and visual arts, numerous rehearsals of Nomen Est Omen take place in workshops and galleries. The relationship between sound and image, beyond the aspects theorized by Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Allan Kaprow or Andy Warhol, are a reality that is more about empathy, respectively subjective factors, than (any) science.

Nomen Est Omen at the National University of Arts Bucharest (photo: Dan Cimpoesu)

Nomen Est Omen at UNA Galeria (photo: Dan Cimpoesu)

Nomen Est Omen at the Grigore Vasile Museum (photo: Cornelia Konig)

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