Nomen Est Omen & The Sibiu City Hall

Nomen Est Omen in Sibiu

Dana, Anca, Mihai, Alex (photo: Gigi Murgu)

Nomen Est Omen held over fifty concerts in the Great Square of Sibiu over the course of twenty years. Over time, the scenes have had various dimensions or coverage systems and have been placed on all sides of the market. Also, the concerts were scheduled at different times, as were the weather conditions. There is no need to comment on the composition of the band or the costumes used, the story in images of Nomen Est Omen is speaking for itself. In the picture above, taken in 2015, the band played, as can be seen, during the day, what can escape the “uninitiated” eye is the fact that the scene was placed on that occasion on one of the large sides in front of the City Hall, with the Bruckenthal on the left, as we look.


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